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Karthik Ananth

welcome to thekfactor!

sBlog.Net released! check it out here... close

to begin with, thank you for visiting this page! this website would act as a showcase for my projects, articles and other stuff. earlier this site was coded using web forms and once i got to know the power of mvc, i couldn't resist the temptation to rewrite this page using mvc!

as of now, the content in this site is limited. there are a few projects listed in the projects section and the articles section includes an article about custom membership providers in mvc 2 which i found to be very useful for constructing the user model of this site.

it's been over 2 months since i decided to rewrite this site in mvc. but due to other commitments, i was unable to release the site with the updates. and, atlast i have successfully uploaded the new site and hopefully, the amount of content would grow in the future and i am hoping this site would be useful to others. thanks again for visiting my site!